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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Another MACP Clarification issued by the DOPT

Dear comrades,

No.  35034/3/2008-Estt.(D) (Vol.11) 
Government of India 
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions 
(Department of Personnel & Training) 
Establishment (D) 
North Block, New Delhi 
Dated: 4th  October, 2012 
Subject:  Modified Assured Career Progression Scheme for the Central 
Government Civilian Employees — Clarification regarding 
Reference is invited to the Department of Personnel & Training OM No. 
35034/3/2008-Estt.(D) dated 19.05.2009 with regard to Modified Assured Career Progression Scheme (MACPS). Pursuant to the discussions in the meeting of National Advisory Committee held on 17.7.2012 and subsequent meeting on 27.07.2012 held with the Staff Side and in continuation to clarifications issued vide this Department's O.M. No. 35034/3/2008-Estt.(D) (Vol.11) dated 01.11.2010, it is further clarified as under: 
2.(i)  Financial upqradation under MACPS in the case of staff who joined another unit/organisation on request:  
This Department's OM No. 35034/3/2008-Estt.(D) (Vol.11) dated 01.11.2010 provides that in case of transfer 'including unilateral transfer on request', regular service rendered in previous organisation/office shall be counted alongwith the regular service in the new organisation/office for the purpose of getting financial upgradations under the MACPS. However, financial upgradation under the MACPS shall be allowed in the immediate next higher grade pay in the hierarchy of revised pay bands as given in CCS (Revised Pay) Rules, 2008. It is now further clarified that wherever an official, in accordance with terms and conditions of transfer on own volition to a lower post, is reverted to the lower Post/Grade from the promoted Post/Grade before being relieved for the new organisation/office, such past promotion in the previous organisation/ office will be ignored for the purpose of MACPS in the new organisation/office. 
2.(ii) Benchmark for MACP Scheme:  
Para 17 of Annexure-I of the MACP Scheme provide that the financial upgradation would be on non-functional basis subject to fitness, in the hierarchy of grade pay within the PB-1. Thereafter for upgradation under the MACPS, the benchmark of 'good' would be applicable till the grade pay of Rs. 6600/- in PB-3. The benchmark will be 'Very Good' for financial upgradation to the grade pay of Rs. 7600 and above. This Department's OM No. 35034/3/2008-Estt.(D) (Vol.11) dated 01.11.2010 provides that where the financial upgradation under MACPS also happens to be in the promotional grade and benchmark for promotion is lower than the benchmark for granting the benefit under MACPS as mentioned in para 17 ibid, the benchmark for promotion shall apply to MACP also. It is now further clarified that wherever promotions are given on non-selection basis (i.e. on seniority — cum — fitness basis), the prescribed benchmark as mentioned in para 17 of Annexure — I of MACP Scheme dated 19.05.2009 shall not apply for the purpose of grant of financial upgradation under MACP Scheme.  

3. The MACP Scheme issued by this Department vide OM No. 35034/3/2008- 
Estt.(0) dated 19th  May, 2009 stands modified to the above extent. 
4. Hindi version will follow. 
(Mukta Goel) 
Director (Estt.l) 

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