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Friday, November 29, 2013

Com.K.Ananthankrishnan and D.Chandramouli, OA, DO has been retired from service on superannuation-Hearty Congratulations

Dear Comrades,
Today our union members and working as O.A, Divisional Office, Sri K.Ananthakrishnan and D.Chandramouli were retired from Government Service. A retirement function has been conducted on behalf of Postal Recreation Club, Divisional Office. Sri T.C.S.Reddy, SSRM and on Addl.Charge SSPOs, Secunderabad Division presided over the retirement function as the SSPOs is Ex-Officio President of the Club. As a chief guest Sri V.V.Satyanarayana Reddy, Director, Mumbai GPO had graced the occasion. The two officials along with their better half presented on the dais. On behalf of AIPEU Group-C, Secunderabad Division my self along with Sri S.M.Ghori attended the meeting and garlanded them and presented the shawls. Totally their retirement function concluded with a warm send off to those two officials. I wish them a happy and prosperous and peaceful retired life.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


            NFPE Diamond Jubilee Celebration inaugural ceremony was held at M.P. Club , North Avenue , New Delhi on 24.11.2013 from 04 PM  under Presidentship of Com. T. Satyanarayana  Vice President  and Com. Giri Raj Singh President , NFPE respectively.

            The Programme commenced with the Welcome speech of Com. R.N. Parashar, ASG, NFPE. He welcomed all the leaders, Guests and participants on behalf of NFPEHQ. Dr. Prabhat Patnaik eminent Economist and Professor, Jawahar Lal University, New Delhi inaugurated the ceremony. In his inaugural speech he appreciated the role of NFPTE and NFPE in the history of Trade Union movement of India. He elaborately described the adverse impact of neoliberal economic policies on the working class and common man of the country. He clearly stated that the wrong policies pursued by the Govt. of India are responsible for the miserable life of common man. He also suggested ways and means to improve the economic condition of the country.
            After inaugural speech of Dr. Prabhat Patnaik Com. S.K. Vyas, Patron, Confederation and living legend of trade union movement of India released the emblem of Diamond Jubilee celebrations of National Federation of Postal Employees. He also addressed the meeting and elaborately described the role of NFPTE in formation of Confederation and building united platform of struggle of the working class. Com. KKN Kutty , President Confederation , Com. V.A.N. Namboodri, President , BSNL Emp. Union, Com. M.S. Raja, Working President, Confederation and Secretary General of All India Audit and Acctts Association, Com. P. Abhimanyu, General Secretary, BSNL Emp. Union, Com. K.P. Rajgopal, Secretary General, Income Tax Employees Federation, Com. Vrigu Bhattacharjee, Secretary General , Civil Accounts Assn , Com. A.K. Kanojiya, Additional Secretary Income Tax Employees Federation, Com. Des Raj Sharma Ex. Dy. Secretary General NFPE & General Secretary P-IV, addressed the meeting and thrown light on the glorious history of NFPTE and NFPE thereafter.

            Com. M. Krishnan elaborately described the role and sacrifices given by legendry leaders like, Babu Tarapada Mukherjee, Dada Ghosh, Com. K.G. Bose,Com. B.G. Dalvi  Com. K. Adinaraya, Com. N.J. Aiyar, Com. O.P. Gupta and Com. K.L. Moza in building the NFPTE and NFPE into a class oriented militant organization which is consistently fighting for the cause of working class He described many successes achieved by the NFPTE and NFPE thereafter  for the welfare of Postal Employees and he also stated that this organization has always been on the forefront of struggle for the protection of interests of Postal Workers in particular and entire working class in General.

            Com. I.S. Dabas Dy. Secretary General NFPE & General Secretary P-IV offered Vote of thanks.

            Other leaders of NFPE Com. P. Suresh, General Secretary R-IV , Com. Pranab Bhattacharjee, General Secretary Admn. Union , Com. P. Mohan, General Secretary  Casual Labourers Union, Com. Y. Nagabhushnam Working President  Casual Labourers Union, Com. S. Raghupathy ASG NFPE , Com. R. Seetha Laxmi ASG  NFPE , Com. C.P. Shobhna, Convenor Confederation Women Sub Committee and so many CHQ office bearers , Circle Secretaries , Divisional Secretaries and lady Comrades  from all over the country participated in the ceremony.

            The programme ended with the Presidential speech of Com. Giri Raj Singh President NFPE.

Thursday, November 21, 2013


24th NOVEMBER 2013 (SUNDAY) 04.00PM 

                     THE NFPE CELEBRATIONS

  Com. Basudev Acharya M.P. will be the Chief Guest
  Fratenally yours

  Secretary General

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Letter addressed to SSPOs in connection with remitting of monthly subscription through IMO

The Sr.Supdt. of Post Offices
Secunderabad Division


            Sub: -  Remittance of union subscription amount through IMO or eMO-Reg
            Ref: -   1. This union’s letter dated 15/10/2013
                        2. Your office Lr.No.A2/AIPEU/Dlgs/2013 dated 05/11/2013
                        3. CO Lr.No.SP/MKTG/III/AIPEU-Gr-C/ePayment/2013 dated 01/11/2013
                        4. Directorate Lr.No.3/4/2007-SR dated 28/03/2008
* * *

            A kind reference is invited to the directorate order cited above, where in Para 2 (6) clearly stipulates that “Drawing and Disbursing officer after making the deductions will remit the amount to the Divisional Secretary of the concerned association who in turn, will remit this amount to the All India, Circle etc as per the quota fixed in their respective constitutions. There is no objection if the membership subscription is remitted to the Circle/Central body of the Association for further distribution, provided such provision is made in the constitution of the association”.

            In this connection, it is bring to your kind notice that the Directorate instructions and Union Constitution clearly stipulates that the DDOs should remit the subscriptions to the Divisional Secretary of concerned association. According to Rule 9 of CCS (RSA) Rules 1993 any changes should be made in the rules only with the prior approval of Department of Personnel and Training. But the circle office order cited above is total violation of the Directorate order cited above.

            It is also bring to your kind notice that as per our Union constitution, Circle body has not empowered to enter in to any agreement with any officer/department in respect of remitting quotas, which is clear violation of directorate guide lines cited above. In regard to IMO, the facility is intended for only individuals and not for organizations/associations. Nobody will issue an identity card in the name of Financial Secretary of an association, which is mandatory to produce at the time of taking payment.

            Keeping in view of the above, I am to state that the agreement done between Financial Secretary of AIPEU Group-C, A.P.Circle and Asst. Director(Marketing), A.P.Circle may be treated as null and void as the agreement itself is contrary to the directorate orders cited above and neither the Financial Secretary of AIPEU Group-C nor the A.D(Marketing) is empowered to enter in to an agreement in respect of remitting of quotas to higher bodies.
: : 2 : :

            Therefore, it is requested to take further necessary action to issue instructions to all DDOs under your control to pay the entire subscription amount to the Divisional Secretary immediately for further disposal and remitting of quotas to higher bodies. A line in reply is highly solicited.

            With regards

Yours faithfully     

(T.Suresh Kumar)

Copy to

Sri DASV Prasad, Circle Secretary, AIPDU Group-C, A.P.Circle, Hyderabad-500020 for information and necessary action.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Muharrum Holiday changed to 15/11/2013 for Administrative Offices-CO Orders

Government of India: : Department of Posts
Office of Chief Postmaster General,A.P. Circle. Hyderabad-500 001
The PMs G ,Hyderabad/Kurnool/Visakhapatnam/Vijayawada Region
The Sr. Supdt of Pos Hyderabad City/Hyderabad South East/ Sec'bad Division
CPM Hyderabad GPO
The DAP Hyderabad
The Supdt CSD/PSD, Hyderabad
The EECivil/ A.E. Electrical wing
The Manager MMS, Hyderabad
The SSRM Hyderabad Sorting Division Hyderabad
The Manager Operation/Marketing Hyderabad/Manager RLO Hyderabad
The Circle secretaries of all recognized Unions.
The Circle Secretary, SC&ST Employees Association
The PA to DPS(HQS/BD) c.o Hyderabad

No.Tech/17-5/ HOLIDAYS/ll Dated at Hyderabad 500001 the 12.11.2013

Sub: Change of date of Muharrum holiday to be observed on 15-11-2013 instead of 14-11-2013.
Ref: letter no. PAG(G&SSA)/CGEWCC/Holidays/2013-14 dated 12.11.2013

This is regarding change of Muharrum holiday. As per the information received from CGEWCC, the holiday on the occasion of Muharrum will be observed by all the Central Govt.Administrative offices located in Andhra Pradesh on 15.11.2013 instead of 14.11.2013. This is for information and taking necessary action.

DA: As above.
(Technology & Technical)
% Chief PMG, AP Circle,
Copy to: All Group Officers, Section Supervisors
0.5, Deputy OS

Now TCS Reddy, SSRM, Hyd Stg.Dn is holding the additional charge of SSPOs, Secunderabad division

Dear comrades,
Presently the charge of SSPOs, Secunderabad Division given to Sri TCS Reddy, SSRM, Hyderabad sorting Division in addition to his normal duties without any extra remunaration.

Counting of training period for Increment-Directorate latest clarification

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Hearty Congratulations to Sri V.V.Satyanarayana Reddy, SSPOs, Secunderabad Division on his Promotion to DPS

Dear comrades,
It has known from the confidential sources that Sri V.V.Satyanarayana Reddy, SSPOs, Secunderabad division has got promotion as DPS and posted to Director, Mumbai GPO. On this occasion AIPEU Group-C, Secunderabad Division Wishes its heart felt greetings to the officer on his promotion.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Union Addressed SSPOs regarding finalisation of Fraud Cases expeditiously and irregular recovery of amount from Subsidiary Offenders under duress by threatening to issue Rule-14 in the last minute of their retirement

The Sr.Supdt. of Post Offices
Secunderabad Division

Sub: -  Irregular recovery of amount from the officials at the time retiring from the service under duress by threatening to issue Rule-14 charge sheets in the last minute of their retirement without giving the reasonable opportunity-Unilateral attitude of Divisional Administration in total violation of directorate guidelines on the subject-Reg

            It has come to the notice of this divisional union that the divisional administration is irregularly ordering recovery from officials in the last hour of their retirement by threatening to issue charge sheet under Rule-14 of CCS(CCA) Rules 1965, without giving the reasonable opportunity and time for their explanation which is in contravention to the Directorate guide lines on the subject and against the very spirit of natural justice. This kind of attitude of the divisional administration is highly deplorable and unjust and this union takes strong objection against it.
            In the case of frauds at Bollaram and Begumpet SOs and Secunderabad HO (case of passing of cheques without verifying the ledger balances), though said frauds came in to light way back in the year 2007,2011 and 2006 respectively the divisional administration has failed to identify the subsidiary offenders till date. It is very unfortunate and distressing that the total/actual defrauded amount in r/o Begumpet fraud case is yet to be finalized. But the divisional administration has resorted to ordering of recovery of part of the amount of fraud from certain officials who were about to retire from service on superannuation in the last minute under duress and threat with dire consequences of Disciplinary action under Rule-14. It is also brought to the notice of this union that while ordering the said recoveries the divisional administration is not even following the Directorate`s guidelines on the subject by not showing any recorded /documentary evidence to the implicated officials as subsidiary offenders in the case to hold their responsibility in the said fraud case and further the delinquent officials are not provided with any of the documents requested by them to prove their innocence.

In this connection this union feels It is necessary to draw and enlighten the attention of the Divisional Administration that, as per Rule 106 of Postal manual Vol-III, any recovery can only be imposed when it is established beyond reasonable doubt. As per Rule 48 (ii) of PO SB Manual Volume I, the Ledger Assistant at HO   should post the entries in the ledgers concerned and any discrepancy noticed should be booked in to. Rule 18 of PO SB General Rules, 1981 empower the Postal Department to recover any amount paid excess to a depositor on the lines of recovery of arrears of Land Revenue by enforcing Revenue Act. Hence this Union demands for initiation of such action as per the Rule ibid in r/o settlement of the Minus balances in PO SB transactions. As per Rule 76 (b) of POSB Volume-I, Certain checks have to be done by the inspecting officers while inspecting the HOs/SOs, whether interest has been posted in to each and every Passbook or not and a certificate to that effect has been furnished by the SPM concerned or not. As per standard Inspection Questionnaire prescribed by the department vide para 27(ii) and 32 (c), checks should be made by the Inspecting authorities for verification of balances by issuance of SB-46 notices to the depositors concerned, and verification of SO balances concerned with HO ledgers but nothing to this extent appears to had not been done in the above said fraud cases for the past 8 years and it appears that the said failure on the part of Administration is desperately tried to conceal by way of hurry to fix up responsibility on innocent officials worked at HOs/SOs ignoring responsibility of the Inspecting personnel (ASPos/IPs/Mail Overseers) in a biased manner. As per Rule 107 of P&T Manual Vol-III, the disciplinary authority should correctly assess contributory negligence in a realistic manner while determining any omissions or lapses committed and the loss incurred by the Department considering the extenuating circumstances in which the duties were performed by the official at fault and giving due weight to the explanation offered, but nothing seems to had been done in the above cases.

It is the bounded responsibility of the divisional administration to show the related documents to the erring official to prove and establish the lapse of the official in any fraud case. It is also the responsibility of the disciplinary authority to provide reasonable opportunity to the delinquent official to prove his innocence in the said case. But in the recent incidents of unilateral recovery, the divisional administration has totally ignored the law of natural justice while recovering the amount and issuing the charge sheets to the subsidiary offenders in the above fraud cases.

In view of the above, this divisional union is requesting the divisional administration that the practice of ordering recovery in the last minute of the retirement of officials by threatening to issue Rule 14 charge sheets should be stopped forthwith. The said fraud cases were came into light long back and sufficient time has been consumed by the divisional administration to investigate in to the fraud cases but yet to finalize any. As such this Union demands for expeditious finalization of  the fraud cases by identifying the actual subsidiary offenders and act according to the existing rules on the subject to preserve  natural justice and save innocent officials by providing reasonable opportunity to them who ever  involved/entangled  in the said fraud cases as subsidiary offenders.

A line in reply in this regard will highly appreciated.

Yours faithfully
(T.Suresh Kumar)


On this auspicious festival of lights,

May the glow of joy,

Prosperity and happiness

Illuminate you life and and your home.

Wishing you a Happy Diwali