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Monday, October 31, 2011


The matter relating to the administrative control over Speed Post Centres/Sorting Hubs falling under existing Postal or RMS division was raised by the staff side and was under consideration of this Directorate.
It has been decided that the issues of administrative control over Speed Post Centres/Sorting hubs in terms of placing under the administrative jurisdiction of Senior Superintendent/Superintendent of a Postal or RMS Division of a Postal or RMs Division maybe decided by the CPMG concerned taking into account local needs, administrative convenience and effective monitoring

Highlights of draft Post Office Bill 2011

1. Opening of market by reducing the exclusive privilege of Central Government:

Gradual opening of the market by phase wise removal of the monopoly proposed. Exclusive privilege reduced up to 150 gm. In case of letters and up to 50 gm. in case of express mail. Couriers can carry letters even within 150 gm and 50 gm ( the reserve area) subject to them charging twice the postal rates for letters and twice the rates for express service.

2. Sunset clause:

A 15 years SUNSET clause for complete removal of exclusive privilege in express service and Parliamentary Review of exclusive privilege in case of letters is proposed.

3. Universal Service Obligation of the Central Government:

As proposed, USO is defined as the obligation of the Central Government to provide, through the Department of Posts, basic postal services at reasonable access, affordable price and with specified service parameters throughout the country. Commitment to provide postal service, delivery and access to post office 6 days of the week except holidays.

4. Definitions:

Definitions of certain ‘terms’ are proposed keeping in view the definition adopted by different countries, as also the requirement of customers i.e.
a) “postal services” means services provided by the Central Government or on its behalf and includes services related to
(i) handling of addressed letters,
(ii) handling of addressed parcels and packages,
(iii) handling of addressed press products,
(iv) handling of these articles as registered or insured mail,
(v) express services for these articles,
(vi) handling of unaddressed articles,
(vii) Value Payable Post,
(viii) money remittance
(ix) Post Office Counter Services
(x) services on behalf of any Ministry or Department of the Central or State Governments, or services on behalf of any other organization
(xi) other services not specified elsewhere;

b) “courier services” means services related to the handling of articles of mail i.e. collection, sorting, dispatch, conveyance and delivery including
(i) handling of addressed letters subject to provisions in Section 4,
(ii) handling of addressed parcels and packages,
(iii) handling of addressed press products,
(iv) express services for these articles subject to provision in Section 4
(v) handling of unaddressed articles,
c) “express services” means postal / courier services related to handling of articles of mail and expedited delivery within a clearly specified and declared time limit with confirmation of receipt and with or without end‐to‐end integration to ensure track and trace and a record of delivery ;

d) “Registered Courier” means any person registered as such under Section ‐‐‐and includes his employee or agent or assignee;

e) “Licensee” means a Registered Courier who has been given license under Section ‐‐;

5. Registration and Licensing:

The Central Government may grant registration to any person undertaking the provision of any courier service in India, who shall be called a Registered Courier. The Central Government may also grant license to any Registered Courier, who shall be called alicensee, for providing certain specific services. There is no registration fee or license fee. Licensing conditions involve adherence to quality, guarantee relief to customers in case of any deficiency in service and commitment to ensure confidentiality and security of letter. All operators will require registration for providing any type of courier service in India. But license will be required only for reserve area,USO and letter mail.

6. Registering Authority:

It is proposed that Central Government shall appoint Registering Authority, in such manner and to perform such functions, as may be prescribed.

7. Appellate Authority:

An Appellate Authority is proposed for redressal of grievances of any person aggrieved by an order of Registration Authority.

8. Setting up Extra Territorial Offices of Exchange (ETOE) and International mail Processing Centers (IMPC) abroad:

Central Govt. may establish ETOEs/IMPCs in other countries for providing international Mail Services including express and parcel services subject to arrangements with such Postal Administrations regarding terms and conditions.



Inaugural women state convention was held at Bachala Balaiya Sanjevamma Kalyana Mandapam on 23\10\2011.the convention was presided by com.D.A.S.V.Prasad p3 circle secretary A.P.circle.Convention was inaugurated by com.Dhana Lakshmi  convener state working women coordination committee Hyderabad.She has spoken elaborately on the problems facing by the women employees .Our beloved Secretary General com.M.Krishnan conveyed warm greetings to the women employees and the organisers .He spoke on various issues which are confronting women employees particularly and employees in general .He said exploitation will be eradicated when women and men work collectively.He also said that social transformations will not take place without the participation of women forces .Director of postal services Vijaywada  region Shri D.V.S.R Murthy has conveyed wishes for making this women convention a grand success. Madam R.Suez regional joint director of women and child welfare Ongole district has also spoken on the schemes provided by the government for the welfare of the women and children.com.K.Pushpesweri Devi Sub Convener All India Postal Mahila Commitee(CHQ) spoken on this occasion and conveyed warm greetings for making it a grand success .com.V.Lakshmi Devi Committee Member All India Central Government Employees Women Committee has spoken on this occasion.Com.Shaik Humayun ,Circle Secretary p4 AP unit spoken on the problems facing by the women employees. Com.P.Panduranga Rao, Circle Secretary ED union AP circle has spoken on the problems and extended his warm greetings to the women employees gathered at Ongole.
                       Nearly 210 women employees participated in the inaugural women convention at Ongole ,as per the credentials read by com.T.Shakuntala (member of the credential committee) from Secundrabad division 9 women employees attended the convention (from SDHO-2 and from SD Division-7 members)
                            Com.Madhavi Latha OA Divisional Office South East Division elected as convenor of the state Mahila Committee AP unit.On behalf of the Secundrabad Division we congragulate for electing as the convenor of state Mahila Committee.
                           Wonderful arrangements were made by the organisers of the Ongole division and large  number of women employees have been mobilised for making this convention a grand success. On behalf of the Secundrabad division we convey our wishes and greetings to the oranisers of the Ongole Division and also to the other Divisional Secretaries  for mobilising women employees for making this convention a grand success.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


May the Joy, Cheer, Mirth and Merriment of this divine festival surround you forever. May the happiness, that this season brings, brighten your life & fulfills all your dearest dreams!
Happy Diwali!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


No.13015/1/2011-Estt. ( Leave)
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel. P.O. and Pensions
(Department of Personnel & Training)

New Delhi. the 19th October, 2011


Sub: Commuted Leave to a Government Servant who has opted out of CGHS facilities and is availing the medical facility provided by the employer of his / her spouse - clarification.

            This Department has been receiving references from various Ministries Departments seeking clarification regarding admissibility of Commuted Leave on the basis of medical certificates issued by Hospitals/Medical Practitioners approved by the employer of the spouse in cases where the concerned employee has been allowed to avail such facilities from the employer of the spouse. The matter has been considered in the light of clarification given by the Ministries of Health and Family Welfare. It is clarified that leave on medical grounds may be allowed on the basis of certificates issued by Hospitals / Medical Practitioners approved by the employer of the spouse in such cases. Hindi version will follow.

sd/- (Zoya C.B.) Under Secretary
to Government of India

T.Suresh kumar,
Divisional secretary.


No.36012/45/2005-Estt. (Res.)
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions
Department of Personnel and Training North Block
New Delhi- 110001.
Dated the 10th August, 2010
Subject: Reservation in promotion Treatment of SC/ST candidates promoted on their own               merit.
            The undersigned is directed to refer to this Departments O.M.No.36028/17/2001-Estt. (Res.) dated 11th July, 2002 which clarified that SC/ST candidates appointed by promotion on their own merit and not owing to reservation or relaxation of qualifications will be adjusted against un-reserved points of the reservation roster and not against reserved points. It was subsequently clarified by this Department's O.M. No.36028/17/2001-Estt. (Res.) dated 31.1 .2005 that the above referred O.M. took effect from 11.07.2002 and that concept of own merit did not apply to the promotions made by non-selection method.
2.         Central Administration Tribunal, Madras Bench in O.A. No.900/2005 [S. Ka√Ćugasalamoorthy v/s. Union of India & Others] has set aside the O.M. No.36028/17/2001-Estt. (Res.) dated 31.1.2005 and held that when a person is selected on the basis of his own seniority, the scope of considering and counting him against quota reserved for SCs does not arise. The High Court of judicature at Madras in the matter of UO1 v/s.S. Kalugasalamoorthy [WP No.15926/2007) has upheld the decision of the Central Administrative Tribunal.
3.         The matter has been examined in the light of the above referred judgments and it has been decided to with draw O.M. No. 36028/17/2001-Estt. (Res.) dated 31.1.2005 referred to above. It s clarified that SC/ST candidates appointed by promotion on their own merit and seniority and not owing to reservation or relaxation of qualifications will be adjusted against unreserved points of reservation roster, irrespective of the fact whether the promotion is made by selection method or non-selection method. These orders will take effect from 2.7.1997. the date on which post based reservation was introduced.
4.         These instructions may he brought to the notice of all concerned.
(K.G. Verma)

T.Suresh kumar,
Divisional secretary.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Department of Posts has launched the International Money Transfer Service (IMTS) in association with MoneyGram in 100 Post Offices across Delhi, Punjab and Tamil Nadu Circles on 29th September 2011

Dear Comrades,
The Department of Posts has entered into an International Cooperation Agreement with MoneyGram Payment Systems, Inc., USA to offer to the general public the MoneyGram International Money Transfer Service through selected Post Offices in India. This service has been launched on 29th September 2011 by Shri Kapil Sibal, Hon’ble Minister of Human Resource Development, Communications & IT in the presence of Shri Sachin Pilot, Hon’ble Minister of State for Communications & IT.

Monday, October 10, 2011

LGO Examination scheduled to be held on 15/10/2011 is chnaged to 16/10/2011

Dear Comrades,
LGO examination scheduled to be held on 15/10/2011as scheduled vide DOP Lr.No.A-34012/04/2011-DE dated 07/09/2011 is changed to 16/10/2011. All the aspirants are requested to note the change. Orders will be posted shortly.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Grant of DR to Central Government Pensioners/Family Pensioners revised rate effective from 01/07/2011-orders issued

Dear Comrades,
Department of Pension&Pensioners Welfare has been issued orders for payment of DR to Central government Pensioners/Family Pensioners revised rate effective from 01/07/2011@ 58% vide Memo No.F.No.42/15/2011-P&PW(G) dated 05/10/2011.

Click here to get the order copy

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Resolution adopted in Central Working Committee Meeting held at from 01.10.2011 to 02.10.2011

This Central Working Committee Meeting of AIPEU Group ‘C’, held at Jabalpur from 01.10.2011 to 02.10.2011, after having detailed deliberations on the settlement reached on the 2011 July 5th deferred All India Indefinite Strike, records its appreciations on the efforts of the Leadership of CHQ and NFPE in forging and maintaining unity under JCA and campaigning vigoursly and conducting the negotiation such a very hard manner for achieving the demands raised in the charter of demands. This CWC of AIPEU Group ‘C’ also unanimously comes to the conclusion that at the given juncture, it was the best possible settlement that had been arrived at with the Department after hectic negotiations.
However this CWC notes with grave concern that though the closure of 9797 Post offices could be stalled and orders have been issued on various issues, one of the main demand of the strike viz. speed Post hubs and introduction of hub system (L1 + L2) for first class mails under MNOP, is still under negotiation in a committee specifically constituted for this purpose and is yet to be resolved.
This CWC also notes that other demands concerning the Group ‘C’ employees like cadre restructuring including that of System Administrators is still under negotiation in the committee and the employees are eagerly awaiting positive outcome from the committee.
Under these circumstances, this CWC directs the Central Leadership of CHQ and NFPE to be vigilant and to maintain the unity forged under JCA and if the negotiations taking place in various committees fail to yield desired result at a reasonable level, to call for agitation programmes including direct action if situation warrants.
This CWC, while taking note of the implementation of the phased programme of action as per the call of the Confederation of Central Govt. Employees & Workers for realization of the 14 Point Charter of demands on common demands of CG employees, calls upon the Circle/Divisional/Branch unions to mobilize the employees in fullswing in all programmes particularly for the immediate programme of November 25th Parliament March against the PFRDA Bill along with State Govt. Employees, Teachers, Railway and Defence employees. This CWC further endorse the decision of the National Convention on PFRDA Bill to go on one day strike against PFRDA Bill.
The CWC of AIPEU Group C also calls upon the CHQ, NFPE and Confederation leadership to strengthen the unity with Central Trade Unions and also mobilise the employees behind the five point common demands of working class raised by the Central TUs including price rise; This CWC clearly understands that the onslaughts of the globalization policies pursued by the Central Govt. can be prevented only by the united action of the entire working class and common people of this country and the need of the hours is total unity and uncompromising struggle.

Memories of CWC Meeting held at Jabalpur from 01.10.2011 to 02.10.2011

Senior Postmaster Examination on 31.12.11

The Postal Directorate vide its notification No. A-34012/6/2011-DE dated 03.10.2011 announced about the conduct of the Senior Postmaster examination on 31.12.2011 . The following is the schedule for conducting the LDCE for promotion of Sr. Postmasters 2011.
Receipt of Application on plain paper from willing candidates with service details to decide his eligibility to DO /RO/CO/ Controlling unit.
Latest by 15.10.2011
2. Receipt of Application Form Kits by Nodal Officer DPS(HQ) from CMC
Latest by 21.10.2011
3. Receipt of Application Form Kits by DO /RO/ CO / Controlling unit from Nodal Officer of Circle for making available to the eligible candidates.
Latest by 25.10.2011
4. Last date for receipt of Application Form Kits at DO /RO/ CO / Controlling unit.
Latest by 02.11.2011
5. Receipt of duly filled in application forms by Nodal officers of the Circle sent by DO /RO/ CO / Controlling unit.
Latest by 05.11.2011
6. Despatch of duly filled in application forms by Nodal officer of the Circle to CMC.
Latest by 08.11.2011
7. Issue of Hall Permits by CMC to eligible candidates .
Latest by 05.12.2011
8. Date of Sr. Postmaster Examination

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


As the candlelight flame
Ur life may always be happy,
As the mountain high
U move without shy,
As sunshine creates morning glory
fragrance fills years as Flory,
All darkness is far away
As light is on its way.
Wishing U all a very Happy Vijaya Dashami
May the beauty Of Dussehra season Fill your home with Happiness, And may the coming year Provide you with all That bring you joy!
wish you and your family Happy Dasara
May Maa Bless You.
With the happiness all the year through!
Wishing You a Happy Durgapuja & Dussehra.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Grant of Special Allowance for Child Care for Women with Disability-DOPT clarification

Dear comrades,
A Clarification issued by DOPT in respect of grant of Special Allowance for Child Care for Women with disability vide Memo No.12011/04/2008-Estt.(AL) dated 26/09/2011.

Click here to get the order copy

Monday, October 3, 2011

DA Orders issued by Finance Ministry

Dear Comrades,
Finance Ministry issued payment of DA Orders revised rates w.e.f.01/07/2011 @58% vide Memo No.1(14)/2011-E-II (B) dated 03/10/2011. Now the revised rate of DA is 58% w.e.f 01/07/2011.

Click here for order copy