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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

AIPEU Group-C, Secunderabad Division wishes Com.K.V.Sridharan, General Secretary, a Happy, Healthy and Peace full Retired Life


Its time for every Government Employee to retire on attaining the age of 60 years. Now the turn for our Great Leader Com. K.V.Sridharan, General Secretary, AIPEU Group-C, New Delhi. He served as a General Secretary for Six years. He guided the members and the leaders in a right path while facing crucial moments. The department has going to change its shape and responsibilities being a  part of globalization. The achievements are clearly and elaborately mentioned in his valedictory address in the CHQ website (www.aipeup3chq.com). You are the one of the great leaders who directed NFPE in a revolutionary path and driven to revolutionary changes in the Union.You have educated the members, guided the leaders and shown and taste the essence of victory while fighting for the working class. You have utilised the technology to the maximum extent for the benefit of the members. Your restless efforts cannot be ignore in cadre restructuring, conducting Trade Union Clases, As aleader of Departmental council, designing  of website to CHQ, as a member of Anomaly Committee, crafting of Venture and GDS Cruseder etc.. Your contribution to NFPE is memorable one. 

We always remember your services to the Union and love and affection shown towards Secunderabad Divisional union. Still we want your valuable guidence and suggetions. I request you to do not hesitate to guide us whenever we disturb you comrade. On behalf of AIPEU Group-C, Secunderabad Division, I Convey heart felt greetings on your superannuation and I wish you a Happy, Healthy and peaceful life to you comrade.

Transfer under Rule-38 will be considered for Postmaster Grade-I Officials from one Circle to another Circle-Directorate orders

Friday, May 25, 2012


The central working committee meeting of AIPEU G.D.S(NFPE) newly formed union was held in Hyderabad at  Sundarayya vignana kendram,hyd 44 on 23.5.2012.

Com.Ramachandram ,Convener, AP postal coordination committee called the dignitaries on stage.Com D.A.S.V.Prasad has given the welcome speech.

The central working committee meeting was presided by Com Bijay Gopal Sur (west bengal) president.The inaugural speech was given by com.M.Krishnan , secretory general ,NFPE on the importance and formation of G.D.S (NFPE) union.Com.K.V.Sridharan , General secretory ,P3 union  spoke on the organisational matters and suggestions for strengthening the G.D.S union.Com.Eshwar Singh Dabas ,general secretory ,P4 and com.Giriraj Singh , General secretory ,R3 spoke on this occasion.

Com.K.Raghavendran,ex-secretory general also spoke on achievements for G.D.S employees during the period of com.Adinarayana ,P4 general secretory and secretory general.

Com.P.Pandu Ranga Rao,General secretory,AIPEU G.D.S (NFPE) placed the draft union constitution , union journal and the resolution on the organisational matters in the central working committee meeting for approval after detailed discussion.the same have been approved unanimously.

Com.Sita Mahalakshmi , com.Humayun ,President P4,CHQ , com.Shiva Narayana,deputy general secretory,P3 , com.Sudhakar,asst.circle secretory,AP , com.S.S.R.I.Prasad  also apoke on this occasion.

Com.P.Pandu Ranga Rao,general secretory AIPEU G.D.S(NFPE) conveyed thanks to the organizers for making this meeting successful.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

GPF interest rate enhanced to 8.8% from 01/04/2012-Orders issued by FM

Dear Comrades,
Finance Ministry enhanced rate of interest  of GPF/CPF to 8.8% fro0m 01/04/2012 vide Gazette Notification dated 22/05/2012.

Click here to get the order copy

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Children Education Allowance-Clarification issued by DOPT

Dear Comrades,
DOPT issued clarification vide Memo No.12011/07/2011-Estt.(AL) dated 23/05/2012 that It is clarified
that fee paid to the school for the use of any aid or appliances by the child is reimbursable. Hence, if fee is charged by the school for teaching through audio-visual tools, the same is reimbursable as "fee" mentioned in para 1(e) of the O.M.

Click here to get the order copy

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Payment of Interest on delayed payment of Gratuity-Orders issued by DOPPW

Dear comrades,
Department of Pensions and Pensioners Welfare vide it Memo No. 38/64/98-P&PW(F) dated 01/05/2012 clarified once again that according to "Rule 68 of CCS (Pension) Rules 1972 Interest will be paid to the pensioner on delayed payment of gratuity and the amount of interest so paid will be recovered from the officers responsible for such delay.Wherever dealys anticipated, Provisional pension should be sanctioned immediately. Any delay in processing of pension resulting in pension not being authorised on the last working day of retirement of the Govt. servant, should be reported by the Head of office to the next higher authority who would watch the settlement of delayed cases. In respect of delayed payment of gratuity wherever it results in payment of penal interest at the rate applicable to GPF deposits under Rule-68 of CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972, secretary of the administrative Ministry or Department would initiate action to fix responsiblity at all levels to recover the amount from the concerned dealing official, supervisor and Head of Office in proportion to their salary by following the prescribed procedure for the purpose and should be strictly enforced".

Friday, May 11, 2012

Thursday, May 10, 2012

CGEGIS Table of Benefits for the Savings Fund for the period from 01/01/2012 to 31/12/2012 -Orders issued by the Ministry of Finance

Dear Comrades,
Finance Ministry, Department of Expenditure issued CGEGIS Table of Benefits for the Savings Fund for the period from 01/01/2012 to 31/12/2012 vide Memo No.7(1)EV/2012 dated 09/05/2012.

Please click here to get the Memo and Tables

Updated list of Empanelled Hospitals under CGHS Hyderabad as on 30/04/2012

Dear Comrade,
Department of Health and Family Welfare issued a fresh empanelled list of Hospitals under CGHS Hyderabad as on 30/04/2012.

Please click here to get the list of empanelled Hospitals

Many Happy Returns of the day to our beloved SSPOs

Dear Comrades,
I Convey my Heartiest Greetings on account of Birthday of Our beloved Sr.Superintendent of Post Offices, Secunderabad Division Sri A.Satyanarayana Garu.

AIPEU Group-C, Secunderabad Division wishes you a Happy Birthday to you sir

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Now your SCSS interest may be credited in to your Bank Account-Directorate orders

Dear Comrades,
Now the department extended facility of crediting the interest to any Bank Account for SCSS accounts vide Memo No.113-01/2002-SB dated 03/05/2012.

Click here to get the order copy

Monday, May 7, 2012




Ref: JCA/AGTN/2012                                                                                          Dated – 22.03.2012


Mrs. Manjula Prashar
Department of Posts
Dak Bhawan, New Delhi – 110001


Sub: - Undue delay in settlement of agreed items on the Charter of Demands.

A kind attention is invited to the discussions we had during strike Charter of demands and also further assurances to us that unlike in the past whatever assured during discussions will be implemented without any delay.

But to our dismay, many of the assured items are still not disposed of favourably and even the clarifications assured to be issued are still pending. Further it is learnt that the Internal Finance is rejecting the assurances given by Minister for state for communication and also the Secretary, Department of Posts. which causes a serious concern.  The following are the few items in which categorical assurance had been ensured in the minutes of the meeting and also during discussions.

1.      Separate orders communicating the decision that no mail office will be closed for next three years and no dislocation of staff to places outside headquarters.
2.      Orders communicating the decisions about no closure/merger of Post offices if no simultaneous relocation is possible.
3.      Revision of wages to casual labourers & absorption.
4.      Revised recruitment Rules for Group D & Postman as agreed and syllabus for Group ‘D’ examination (25% from GDS) & Postmen/Mailguard.
5.      Revision of cash handling norms to GDS & ensuring no reduction of TRCA under any circumstances and enhancing the Bonus ceiling to 3500/- & revise the cash allowance to BPM at the rate of Rs.50/- per trip instead of month.
6.      Orders revising the instructions liberalizing the powers to the divisional heads instead of circle heads in case of tenure posting to C and B Class offices.
7.      Reiteration of earlier instructions on the Grant of Special pay to unqualified Accountants & Counting of Special Allowance for pay fixation without filling SLP against Bangalore High Court judgment.
8.      Circulation of clarification given to Punjab circle to the remaining circles also in respect of protection of pay of defunct PO & RMS Accountants.
9.      Orders on forcible allotment of staff quarters to the town SOs SPMs as post attached quarters.
10.  Non supply of balance statement of NPS to the official as on 31.03.2011.
11.  Enhancement of financial powers to LSG, HSG II & HSG I.
12.  Enhancing the honorarium for invigilators engaged in departmental examinations.
13.  Allowing the physically handicapped candidates for appearing IPO examinations.
14.  Orders on drawal of Cash handling allowance to Treasurers, Accountants irrespective of their position in MACP.
15.  Finalisation of cadre review proposals before 31.3.2012.
16.  Payment of incentive instead of honorarium for attending the PLI/RPLI work at divisional offices after decentralization.
17.  Orders for repatriation of officials deputed for PLI/RPLI work to CO/RO to their home divisions.
18.  Allowing the Postmaster’s cadre officials to appear for IPO/PSS Group B examination.
19.  Orders permitting the Postmaster Cadre officials to officiate in HSG I vacancies.
20.  DO letter from Member (P) to all circle heads to fill up all posts of Sorting Postmen, Mail overseer, cash overseer & Head Postmen.
21.  Allowing MTS to decline promotion to postmen cadre under seniority quota without loosing MACP promotion.
22.  Reiteration of instructions for rotational transfer for SBCO staff by notifying cluster of divisions.
23.  Issue instructions to all for ensuring filling up of all sanctioned LR posts.
24.  Prompt grant of child care leave – Issue of instructions.
25.  Clarifications to be issued on MACP as agreed upon on the following:
(i)     MACP will not be deferred on the ground at contemplated disciplinary/vigilance proceedings.
(ii)   Instructions on review of ACRs/APARs by scruitiny committees.
(iii) Recovery orders by DAP in the matter of pay fixation on MACP in case of MTS
(iv)  Cases relating to declining promotion prior to issue of MACP order (Prior to 2009)
26.  Issuing clear instructions to all Chief PMGs that in the city areas where RO/Cos are situated decentralisation of RPLI/PLI should not be done to city Postal Divisions, instead the work will be done by RO/CO staff as done before.
27.  Issuing orders on the items finalized by the Postmen committee and also follow up action on certain items to be referred to work study unit.
28.  Cadre-restructuring and settlement of Group D and sorter anomaly issues relating to Postal Accounts.
29.  Follow up action on civil wing employees issues.
30.  Examination of CRC & EPP norms.

Apart from the above, the minutes of the standing committee (JCM) and also the reply to the items already discussed in the strike charter but included on JCM items are yet to be issued.

It is constrained to inform that in the event of non settlement of the above items within one month we have decided to observe one day token fast in front of Directorate by all the General Secretaries.

We trust that your will effectively intervene and maintain tranquility in service.

With profound regards,

 D. Theagarajan                                                                    M. Krishnan
Secretary General                                                              Secretary General
FNPO                                                                                      NFPE

Sunday, May 6, 2012

March to Parliament on 26.07.2012

Intensive nationwide campaign programme in June and July 2012 demanding immediate constitution of next pay body, removal of MACP anomalies etc.

The confederation circular can be downloaded from the following link.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day Greetings to All

Dear Comrades,
I convey MAY DAY Greetings to all the members and staff.And also thanks to the leaders who were  conducted MAYDAY celebrations at SECUNDERABAD HO,TRIMULGHERY HO,MUSHEERABAD DSO,JAMA-I-OSMANIA and  SITAPALMUNDY SO
.   .