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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Revision of FMC-Directorate orders

Dear Comrades,
Postal Diretorate issued orders to revise Fixed Monitary Compensation to delivery staff and remuneration w.e.f. 24/11/2010 vide Their Memo No.10-7-2001-PE.II dated 24/11/2010.
FMC Admissible to Postmen Staff
1.When One Postman performs duty of an absentee Postman by combination of duties revised from Rs.29 per day to Rs.50/-per day
2.When two Postmen perform duty of an absentee Postman by sharing the beat revised from Rs.14 to per day to Rs.28 per day
fixation/revision of Holiday Monetary Compensation payable to Postmen Staff and other Departmental staff brought on duty on 2nd consecutive Holiday if three consecutive holidays occur

Rs.85 per holiday for 4 hours
2.Postal Assistant
Rs.85 per holiday for 4 hours
3.Postmen/Sorting Postmen
Rs.85 per holiday
4.Multi tasking staff
Rs.60 per holiday for 4 hours

Directorate ordered to identify Posts of Postmaster Cadre and intimated allotment of Posts to the circles

Dear Comrades,
In continuation of Directorates Memo dated 03/02/2010 the directorate allotted the number of Posts of Postmaster Cadre to the circles and directed them to identify the posts in the circle vide Memo No.13-2/2010-PE.I dated 25/11/2010.The same is placed here for the information of the members.A.P.Circle got 140 posts of Postmster Grade-I,35 Posts of Postmaster grade-II and 34 Posts of Postmaster Grade-III.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

CGHS Guidelines in non-emergencies-Directorate Latest Orders

Dear Comrades,
Postal Directorate issued latest guide lines in non-emergencies in accordance with Ministry of Health and Family Welfare Memo No.S.11011/23/2009 CGHSD.II/Hospital Cell/CGHS (P) dated 10/11/2010 vide Directorates Memo No.30-07/2010-11/C&APB dated 22/11/2010.It clearly states that "The advice of CGHS/other Government Specialist/CMO in-charge permission for undergoing laboratory/pathological test/specific investigations in case of non-emergencies should be obtained from the Competent Authority". However the CGHS beneficiary shal have the option of availing specific investigation from any of the empanelled diagnostic laboratories/Imaging centres of his/her choice (Provided the diagnostic laboratory/Imaging Centre empanelled for that treatment procedure/test).

Click here to get the order copy

Latest News From CHQ

Postmaster’s Cadreorders have been issued by the directorate vide Memo No.4-17/2008-SPB-II dated 22/11/2010 regarding induction of Postmaster Cadre. It has been decided to introduce a separate cadre of Postmasters comprising the grades mentioned vide Directorates Lr.No.13-2/2010-PE-I dated 03/02/2010. by carving out the posts from existing General Line Posts.

1.The recruitment Rules of the above grades have since been framed and notified vide Memo dated 09/09/2010.
2. Initial constitution of the various Grades of Postmasters shall be done by inviting options/applications from the existing incumbents of LSG, HSG-II, HSG-I in Post offices and PS Group, ‘B’.
3. In subsequent years all the vacancies in Postmaster Gr.I shall be filled up through a Limited Departmental Competitive Examination, From amongst PAs with 5 years regular service in the grade
4. All the vacancies in Postmaster Gr. II Posts shall be filled up by promotion from amongst Postmaster Gr. I with 6 years regular service in the grade (including regular service in LSG, if any).
5. All the vacancies in Postmaster Gr. III posts shall be filled up by promotion from amongst Postmaster Gr. II with 5 years regular service the grade (including regular service in HSG II, If any).
6. 25% of vacancies in the grade of Sr. Postmaster will be filled up by promotion of Postmaster Gr. III with 2 years of regular service in the grade (including regular service in HSG, I if any) and 75% by Inspector of Posts (IPOs) with 6 years of regular service in the grade on the basis of Limited Departmental Competitive Examination (LDCE).
7. The officials in PS Gr ‘B’ and Senior Postmaster (Gazetted) would be eligible for induction in IPOs, Gr ‘A’ on the basis of a consolidated eligibility list.

Time Line to be followed by all the circles
(i) Date of Issue of Circular calling for the options/applications for appointment as Postmaster Grade I, II and III. - 14.12.2010
(ii) Last date for receipt of options/applications along with bio-data - 15.01.2011
(iii) Completion of scrutiny of applications and obtaining Vigilance Clearance and ACR dossiers. - 31.01.2011
(iv) Submission to Screening Committee. - 10.02.2011
(vi) Submission of the minutes to the appointing authority for approval - 01.03.2011
(vii) Issue of appointment orders - 16.03.2011
Other Issues
1.Revision of FSC – orders are expected to be released this month itself
2.Enhancement of Fixed Monetary compensation revising Rs.24/- as Rs.50/- and Rs.85/- for holiday duty will be released next week
3.UPSC has raised some queries on HSG-I Recruitment Rules which had been clarified. The Revised Recruitment Rules will be issued shortly
4.The file relating to enhancement of OSA has been submitted to J.S. F.A. (Finance) for approval.
5.Direct Recruitment of PA/SAs were completed within couple of days to the extent of around 16000 posts.
6.The preliminary (first) sitting of the Cadre Restructuring committee will be held on 26.11.2010 at 3 PM.
7.Regarding the revision of wages of casual labourers it is informed that the file is being sent to nodel Ministry for approval. It is expected to be cleared by the Nodal ministries within 2-3 weeks. The wages will be revised with effect from 01.01.2006
8.The Department has issued orders vide Memo No.4-4/2009-PCC dated 19/00/2010 clarifying that No casual labourers shall be engaged in the Administrative offices i.e. CO/RO/DO/PAO with effect from 1st December 2010
9.The work of sweepers and scavengers should be combined or the same may be outsourced wherever feasible.
10.Since duties of waterman, watch and ward, gardening, cleaning etc are now part of duties assigned to Multi Tasking staff, the existing practice of engaging casual laborers as waterman, Gardner, watch and ward and any other miscellaneous category shall be dispensed with effect from 1st December 2010

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Notice for 7th Biennual Divisional Conference of AIPEU Group-C, Secunderaabad Division

Dear Comrades,
Notice for 7th Bi-eenual Conference of AIPEU Group-C, Secunderabad Division has been issued on 20/11/2010. The conference will be held at Mahaboob College, Patny Centre, Secunderabad-500003 on 12/12/2010.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Directorate Orders on recommendations of High level Sports Committee Headed by CPMG, Tamilnadu

Dear Comrades,
20th meeting of Postal Sports Board held at Chennai on 05th July 2010. After the said meeting the Items N o.2,12,18,31,39,44 and 48 were referred to a Committee headed by CPMG, Tamilnadu Circle vide directorate letter dated 16/07/2010 for its consideration and submission of a report. The Committee after examination of the issues, submitted its report on 16/09/2010 which has been further considered by the competent authority and as a result thereof, the following order is issued by the directorate vide memo No.2-01/2009-WL/Sports dated 01/11/2010.

Item No. 2 Enhancement of Kit allowance to `.1000/-

The kit allowance will be enhanced form `.500/- to `.750/- for first time participation and thereafter from `.250/- to `.500/- per year.
Item No. 12. In the matter of appointment to higher grade, age relaxation to be given in labor of Gramin Dak Sevaks having played at State/National level.

As per instruction contained in GOI, DOPT's OM No. 15012/3/84-Estt.(D) dated 12th November, 1987, meritorious sports persons satisfying the provisions contained in para 1(a) of the OM dated 04.08.1980 are allowed relaxation in upper age limit up to a maximum of 5 years (10 years in case of SC/ST) for the purpose of appointment to all Groups of Civil posts. In the light of these instructions, there is need for any further relaxation in the matter of recruitment against sports quota.
Item No. 18 Participation of regularly appointed Gramin Dak Sevaks in All India Postal meets even if they do not complete six months of service.

Regularly appointed Gramin Dak Sevaks will be permitted to participated in All India Postal tournaments.
Item No. 31 On the analogy of individual events where cash award is given for achieving 3rd position in All India Postal Tournaments, it may be extended in case of team events where cash award, at present, is being restricted only in case of teams achieving first and second position.

Status quo to continue.
Item No. 39 The training period should be of 14 days in connection with participation in All India competitions.

This issue will be examined when our teams will start participating in National level tournaments and will show good performance.
Item No. 44 Organizing National games by major Circles in every five years.

The proposal did not find favour.
Item No. 48 Grant of financial assistance to employees whose wards are showing excellence in sports.

For participation in the international level tournament, cash award of `.10,000/- may be given. For excellence in National level tournament and procurement of 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions, an award of `.5000/-may be given. For mere participation at National level event, consolation award of `.1000/- may be given.

This will take effect form the date of issue and no past case will be reopened.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Expression of Interest- Hiring of consultant for “Modernized Costing System” in India Post

Dear Comrades,
Department of Post invited expression of Interest for Hiring of Consultant for Modernized Costing System.
Some of the activities for which services would be required are detailed below.
(i) Review of the existing methodology of costing followed in the Department of Posts.
(ii) To develop a system for collecting of data for traffic, revenue and expenditure in respect of each service / product separately.
(iii) Devising a costing system for segmented report of cost for premium products,foreign mails, agency services (such as savings bank, cash certificates, PLI, Pension Payments etc.) and traditional services offered by the department.
(iv) The costing system so devised should be able to analyze the cost and profitability of each service segment wise.
(v) The proposed costing method should be developed using opportunity cost, joint costing principles and should be based amongst other on Total Costing Method, Activity Based Costing Method, Marginal Costing Method
(vi) Suggest standardized classification of cost and devise standard formats by which the cost of resources used in various services can be collected and classified for the purpose of costing of various services / products.
(vii) The costing method so devised should analysis the behavior of various costs so as to segregate the cost in to fixed and variable costs.
(viii) The costing method so devised should form a basis for management of pricing of products.
(ix) In view of above suitable costing software to be adopted by DoP may be suggested.
(x) Applying / Piloting the new methodology in at least two – three verticals for at least one – two year and training to the associated staff / officers may be completed on the basis of suggested methodology.
This is for the information of the members

Monday, November 8, 2010

Union Cabinet Approves Bill for Protection of Women at Work Place

Dear Comrades,

                   The Union Cabinet on Thursday approved the protection of Women against sexual Harrasment at work place bill 2010, that ensures a safe environment for women at work place, both in the public and private sectors, in the organized and unorganized sectors. The Bill, to be introduced in Parliament in the coming session beginning next week, will help in achieving gender empowerment and equality. Domestic help have, however, been kept out of the purview of the proposed law that also proposes a fine of Rs.50,000 if found violating the provisions of the law. The move will contribute to realization of their right to gender equality, life and liberty, and equality in working conditions every where. The sense of security will improve women’s participation in work,resulting in their economic empowerment and inclusive growth. The Bill proposes a definition of sexual harassment,as laid down by the Supreme Court in Visakha v/s State of Rajasthan (1977). Aditionally, it recognizes the promise or threat to a woman’s employment prospects or creation of hostile work environment as sexual harassment at work place and seeks to prohibit such acts. It provides protection not only to women who are employed but also to any woman who enters the workplace as a client, customer, apprentice,daily wage worker, or in adhoc capacity, students, research scholars in colleges/universities and patients in hospitals have also been covered

                        The Bill provides for an effective complaints and redressal mechanism. Under the proposed bill, every employer is required to constitute an Internal Complaints Committee, Since a large number of the establishments in the country have less than 10 workersfor whom it may not be feasible to set up an Internal Complaints Committee, it provides for setting up of Local Complaints Committee to be constituted by the designated District Officer at the district or sub district levels, as the need be. This twin mechanism would ensure that women in any workplace, irrespective of its size or nature, have access to a redressal mechanism. The LCCs will enquire in to the complaints of sexual harassment and recommend action to the employer or District Officer, Since there is a possibility that during the pendency of the enquiry the woman may be subjected to threat and aggression, she has been given the option to seek interim relief in the form of transfer either of her own or the respondent or seek leave from work. The complaint committees are required to complete the enquiry with in 90 days and a period of 60 days has been given to the employer/ District Officer for implementation of the recommendations of the Committee. The Bill provides for safe guards in the case of false or malicious complaint of sexual harassment. However, mere inability to substantiate the complaint or provide adequate proof would not make the complainant liable for punishment.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Notice for Federal Executive Meeting going to be held at Hyderabad on 10/12/2010

Dear Comrades,
Federation Secretary General Issued Notice for Federal Executive Committee Meeting going to be held on 10/12/2010 at Hyderabad.The same is placed here for the information of the members.