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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Expected D.A from 01.07.2013 will be 10%

Central Government employees and Pensioners will get one more installment of additional DA and DR from July 2013 which will be 10%, as per the release of AICPIN for the month of May 2013. Though the requirement of one more month of AICPIN for June to finalise the enhancement of Dearness allowance, there is possible to get 90% Dearness allowance and Dearness Relief from July 2013. The calculation table describes the steps as under.

Month / Year B.Y. 2001=100 Total of
12 Months
12 Months
% Increase
over 115.763
App. DA DA %
Dec-12 219 2512 209.33 93.57 80.83 80
Jan-13 221 2535 211.25 95.49 82.49 82
Feb-13 223 2559 213.25 97.49 84.22 84
Mar-13 224 2582 215.17 99.41 85.87 85
Apr-13 226 2603 216.92 101.16 87.38 87
May-13 228 2625 218.75 102.99 88.97 88
Jun-13 Expected 90

Source :CG Staff news.com
(Central Head Quarters)
Dear Comrade,
            The representatives of AIRF, AIDEF, Confederation met at AIRF Office on 29-06-2013 under the Chairmanship of Com. Umraomal Purohit. President, AIRF. The following Comrades were present.
Com. U. M. Purrohit, President AIRF
Com. Shiv Gopal Mishra, General Secretary, AIRF
Com. S. N. Pathak, President AIDEF
Com. C. Srikumar General Secretary AIDEF
Com. J. S. Sharma, Org. Secretary: AIDEF
Com. S. K. Vyas, Advisor, Confederation.
Com. K. K. N. Kutty, President, Confederation.
Com. M. Krishnan, Secretary General, Confederation
Com. Virigu Bhattacharjee, Finance Secretary Confederation.
            The meeting decided to forge a Joint Council of Action to pursue the enclosed Charter of Common Demands of CGEs. Com. Umraomal Purohit President AIRF will be the Chairman and Com. Shiv Gopal Mishra will be its Convenor. The following shall be the members of the Council.
1.         Com. U.M. Purohit – AIRF
2.         Com. Shivgopal Mishra-AIRF
3.         To be nominated by AIRF
4.         Com. S.N. Pathak – AIDEF
5          Com. Sree Kumar –AIDEF
6.         To be nominated by AIDEF
7.         Com. S.K. Vyas – Confederation
8.         Com. KKN Kutty – Confederation
9.         Com. M. Krishnan- Confederation
The following demands were included in the Common Charter of demands:

1.    Set up the 7th CPC and frame its terms of reference after consultation with Staff Side.
2.    Merge DA with pay for all purposes.
3.    Scrap the New Contributory Pension Scheme.
4.    Regularize (a) Gramin Dak Sevaks of Postal Department.(b)Daily rated workers , (c) Contract Labourers:
5.    Remove 5% Ceiling on Compassionate appointments.
6.    Settle all 6th CPC anomalies raised in the National Anomaly Committee and implement the Arbitration Awards.
7.    Remove Ceiling of Rs. 3500 on computation of Bonus.
            All organizations may include the department –specific and other demands in Part B of the Charter and seek settlement thereof with the appropriate authorities.
            The meeting also decided to submit the Charter of demands to the Cabinet Secretary and seek negotiated settlement.
            The Council will meet again in the first week of August 2013 to decide upon the date of National Convention and other programmes of action in pursuance of the Charter of demands.
(M. Krishnan)

Secretary General

Friday, June 28, 2013

Divisional JCA Dharna of Postman&MTS/Group-D Union in front of Divisional Office

Dear Comrades,
As per the Central JCA call, the Divisional JCA consisting of AIPEU, Postmen&MTS/Group-D and NUPE Postmen&MSE, hold day long mass dharna in front of divisional Office. The two divisional secretaries Com.Ashwaq Hussain and Com.G.Srinivasulu addressed the gathering. AIPEU Group-C also extended fraternal support to the Dharna and attended the Dharna programme and addressed the gathering. Com.T.Suresh Kumar, Com.M.Krishna, Com.Ch.Sreedharaswamy, Com.Adwait Kumarfrom P-III and Com.B.Narsimha, Com.Hanumanthu also addressed the gathering.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Promotion cannot be withheld because of the mere pendency of investigation, rules CAT

The Central Administrative Tribunal, Madras Bench, has ruled that promotion cannot be withheld because of the mere pendency of investigation and directed the Defence Ministry to promote an Indian Ordnance Factories Service (IOFS) officer within 45 days.
Disposing of an application filed by M. Ravi, a 1975 batch officer, the Bench, comprising members B. Venkateswara Rao and Naresh Gupta, held that the defence authorities had erred in withholding his promotion without valid reason. The Bench also said, “No charge sheet has been issued to the applicant. The promotion was withheld merely on the ground of pendency of criminal investigation by the CBI.”
Mr. Ravi is presently working as Senior Deputy Director of General, Armoured Vehicles Factory, Avadi.
He contended that he served in various capacities in other factories. The Departmental Promotion Committee (DPC) convened in January 2012 and 2013 recommended his name along with S.K. Gupta and B.N. Singh for promotion to Appointments Committee of the Cabinet (ACC) for its final approval.
He was not promoted on the ground of a criminal investigation by CBI pending against him. The investigation was a result of an alleged irregularity that took place when he was working at ordnance factory, Medak, between 1999 and 2005.
In an application before CAT, he also sought a direction to the defence authorities to promote him. He also contended that the promotion had been withheld because of ‘long pending’ investigation but there was no disciplinary action of any kind initiated against him. Hence, Mr. Ravi said that the authorities postponed the promotion indefinitely.
The defence authorities contended that six vacancies arose in the level of member to the Ordnance Factory Board.
In fact, the recommendation of DPC should be approved by Appointments Committee of the Cabinet (ACC) for effecting promotion. Along with others, the candidature of Mr. Ravi was also considered. In view of the investigation by the CBI with respect to him, the ACC accorded its approval to others and directed the Defence Ministry to resubmit the proposal for promotion of Mr. Ravi after completion of the ongoing investigation.
The Tribunal also pointed out that a draft charge sheet which did not fructify into regular charge sheet and that should not be a ground for withholding promotion. The Tribunal added, “Unless a regular charge sheet is issued, no disciplinary action can be initiated against the officer of the government and no promotion can be withheld by the mere pendency of investigation.”
The Hindu, June 24, 2013

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


                       JCA- 3 DAYS DHARNA PROGRAM      

                                                        POST MEN AND GROUP-D

                                              SECUNDERABAD HEAD POST OFFICE


As per the cal given by AIPEU GDS -NFPE to oraganise nationwide dharna programme on 25th june 2013.Dharna programme succesfully oraganised at CPMG office under the banner of AP postal coordination committee ,its convener K.Ramachandra(circle secretary admin).The dharna programme inaugurated by comrade T.Satyanarayana(general secretary-postal accounts).Other speakers are T.Sureshkumar(convener-city coordination committee) , J.Madhusudanrao (circlesecretary-R-3) , CH.Sridarswami(branch secretary p3) , B.Narasimha(branch secretary p4) , Mohan(general secretary-contingent union) , SSRA.Prasad(assistant circle secretary p3) , Sammaiah(circle secretary GDS-NFPE) and others.Massive lunchhour demonstrations had taken place at DakSadan.








Thursday, June 20, 2013


As per the decision of the All India Conference in Chennai, the next (2nd) phase of program of action to stage ....
a day long dharna 
in front of all 
Circle Offices 
All the Circle Secretaries & CHQ office bearers of AIPEU-GDS NFPE are requested to mobilize the members from all the divisions in their  respective circles to make the  program a grand success.
NFPE has already endorsed the program and directed / instructed all the Circle Secretaries & office bearers of affiliated unions to extend solidarity & support the program of action by GDS NFPE and make it successful.
Copy of charter of demands :
1.    Departmentalization of Gramin Dak Savaks and all benefits of Departmental employees extended to GDS as recommended by Justice Talwar Committee.
2.    Constitute 7th CPC and refer GDS wage revision also to the consideration of Pay Commission; Merger 50% of DA with TRCA for all purposes.
3.    Restore the historical prorata wage structure of GDS MD and GDS BPM on par with Postman and Sorting Postman pay scales respectively as recommended by the 6th CPC by rectifying the mistakes committed by the Nataraja Murthy Committee.
4.    Withdrew the new GDS (Conduct & Engagement) Rules, 2011 and restore GDS (Conduct & Employment) Rules, 2001.
5.    Ensure minimum statutory monthly pension of Rs.3500/- to GDS and grant other retirement benefits like gratuity etc., based on the formula applicable to departmental employees and under Gratuity Act 1972 besides family pension facility to GDS.
6.    Enhance the bonus quantum ceiling from Rs.2500/- to Rs.3500/- and end the discrimination.
7.    Reduce cash handling norms from Rs.20,000 to 4,000 and also stamp sale norms.
8.    Ensure full protection of existing TRCA when there is fall in the work load. TRCA should not be reduced under any circumstances.
9.    Remove the outside recruitment quota for Postman Recruitment and 100% Postman vacancies be given to GDS.
10.  Remove the 50 points compulsory conditions and provide compassionate appointment for all eligible dependents in the families of deceased GDS.
11.  Introduce a medical reimbursement scheme for GDS.
12.  Grant full trade union facilities including special casual leave and Foreign Service facilities to GDS Union Representatives.
13.  Enhance to 6 months maternity leave to female GDS instead of 3 months and grant child care leave.
14.  Grant full transfer facility to GDS and ensure protection of the existing TRCA on transfer.
15.  Grant revised TRCA slabs up to 125 points to BPMs based on the workload as on 01.01.2006.
16.  Grant three time bound financial up gradations to all GDS on 10th, 20th and 25th year.
17.  Grant all advances to GDS at par with Regular departmental employees.
18.  Stop combination of duties of GDSMD with that of BPM as it will result in restriction of business hours of BO thereby causing loss of revenue.
19.  Enhance age limit for the departmental examination for promotion to the cadre of Postal Assistant from GDS at par with Postman cadre.
20.  Modify date of superannuation of GDS as the last working day of the month.
21.  Remove the ceiling limit of Rs.50 for cash allowance for conveyance of cash from BO to AO and vice versa.
22.  Grant of LTC and home town LTC facilities to GDS.
23.  Remove the discrimination in grant of welfare assistance to GDS in respect of prolonged illness, Book awards, educational assistance etc,.
24.  Provide norms for MNREGS work at per with SB transactions and also cash conveyance from BO to AO and vice versa.
25.  Relax the embargo of fixing of minimum TRCA in respect of new appointees, Minimum should be the entitled TRCA drawn by the earlier incumbent. No fresh statistics need to be compiled.
26.  Fix norms for  all new items of work entrusted to GDS and until then grant enhanced incentives.
27.  Payment of rent for BO to be borne by the department and till that time grant enhancement of Office Maintenance Allowance (OMA) @ Rs.500 per month.
28.  Redeployment of GDS should not be done beyond 5 kms and full protection of TRCA should be given; in case of redeployment from one post to another, eligible women GDS working as GDSMC/MD/Pkr will be given opportunity to the posts of GDS BPM when fallen vacant in the name of transfer.
29.  Prompt issuing of SDBS cards to all GDS employees.
30.  Grant Children Educational Allowance and small family incentive to all GDS.
31.  Fill up all GDS posts in RMS and convert all GDS MM posts as MTS.
32.  Make an early payment of RPLI incentive and remove the minimum condition and the maximum limit in the grant of NREGS incentive.


As per the call given by the AIPEU POSTMAN ,MTS and GROUP-D unions NFPE and FNPO jointly organised nationwide protest demonstrations from 20th june 2013 to 22nd june 2013 demanding settlement of the long pending cadre related issues of postman and group-D.
           Demonstrations held at Secundrabad HO under the leadership of comrade B.Narasimha P4 branchsecretary ,CH.Sridarswami P3 branchsecretary and P.Advait kumar President P3.
          Demonstrations held at Musheerabad DSO under the leadership of T.Sureshkumar Divisional secretary P3.
                Demonstrations held at Begumpet SO under the leadership of Aswaq Hussain Divisional secretary P4 and also demonstrations held in other LSG ,HSG 1 AND HSG 2 offices in the Secundrabad division .


Massive dhrana programme at Indra park has been organised by confederation of central government employees and workers AP unit under the leadership of comrade Nageshwar rao and P.Satyanarayana ,general secretary and president.The affiliated unions of confederation participated in the dharna programme demanding 
1)Setting up of 7th pay commission.
2)Merger of DA upto 50%.
3)Scrapping of PFRDA bill and other demands.