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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

2016 AUGUST 16TH, 17TH & 18TH - CHENNAI
Circular No.1/2016-19                                                                                 Dated: 19-08-2016
                   The Diamond Jubilee Year (1956-2016) 25th National Conference of the Confederation of Central Govt. Employees and Workers was successfully held at Chennai, Dharmaprakash Kalyana Mandapam, from 16th to 18th August, 2016.   The auditorium was named as “Com.S.K.Vyasji Auditorium” in memory of the great legendary leader of Central Govt. employees and Ex-Secretary General & President, Confederation Late Com.S.K.Vyas.  The Reception Committee under the able and dynamic leadership of Com. T.K.Rangarajan, MP (Chairman) and Com.Durai Pandian (General Secretary) made excellent arrangement for the successful conduct of the historic conference.
  The 25th National Conference unanimously elected the following as the office bearers (National Secretariat members) of the Confederation of Central Govt. Employees, and Workers for the period 2016-2019.
1.    President                           :      Com.KKN Kutty (ITEF)
2.    Working President           :      Com.M.S.Raja (Audit & Accounts Association)
3.    Vice Presidents                :      1.   Com.T.Narasimhan (NFPE)
                                                           2.   Com.Ashok Kanojia (ITEF)
                                                           3.   Com.Nageswar Rao (Audit & Accounts Assn.)
                                                           4.   Com.Giriraj Singh (NFPE-R3)
                                                           5.   Com.R.Seethalakshmi (Women’s Committee                                                                                               Convenor, P4, NFPE)
4.    Secretary General            :      Com.M.Krishnan (NFPE)
5.    Secretary                            :      Com.Rupak Sarkar (ITEF)
6.    Asst. Secretaries               :      1.   Com.R.N.Parashar (NFPE P3)
                                                           2.   Com.Pijush Roy (COC  West Bengal)
                                                           3.   Com.K.V.Jayaraj (NFAEE, Atomic Energy)
                                                           4.   Com.Ravi B.Nair (ITEF)
                                                           5.   Com.Subhash Chandra Pandey (Audit & Accts.                                                                                  Assn.).
7.    Finance Secretary            :      Com.Vrigu Bhattachargee (Civil Accts.)
8.    Organising Secretary       :      1.   Com.Arup Chatterjee (BSIEA)
                                                           2.   Com.Nilesh D. Nazare (IBMEA)
                                                           3.   Com.Bibhash Dey (GSIEA)
                                                           4.   Com.Balasundaram (GWBEA)
                                                           5.   Com.Shanthanu Bhattacharjee (Civil Accts.)
                                                           6.   Com.Mani Achari (NFAEE)
                                                           7.   Com.S.Santhosh Kumar (NFPE Postal Accts)
                                                           8.   Com.Tapas Bose (Audit & Accts Assn.)
                                                           9.   Com.P.Suresh (NFPE R4)
                                                           10.        Com.TKR Pillai (NSSO)
                                                           11.        Com.Gurprit Singh (DMI Employees Assn.)
                                                           12.        Com.P.Panduranga Rao (NFPE-GDS)
                                                           13.        Com.Gopalakrishnan Nair (Civil Accts)
                                                           14.        Com.Virender Tiwari (NFPE-SBCO)
                                                           15.        Com.J.P.Singh (ITEF)
                                                           16.        Com.R.B.Suresh (COC Tamilnadu)
                                                           17.                                            (COC Karnataka)
                                                           18.                                            (COC Assam/North East)
Special Invitees (Women Sub Committee Office Bearers):
1.    Com.Usha Boneppalli (Chairperson)
2.    Com.Manisha Majumder (Vice Chairperson)
3.    Com.K.N.Jayasree Raj (Vice Chairperson)
4.    Com.Gita Bhattacharjee (Jt. Convenor)
5.    Com.Sarita Divakaran (Jt. Convenor)
        Auditor                               :     Com.R.P.Singh (Agmark) COC Mumbai.
The house authorised the newly elected National Secretariat to fill up the two vacant posts by co-option from COC Karnataka and COC Assam/North East.
National Women’s Convention:
  National Women’s convention of the confederation was held at Chennai on 17-08-2016 along with the 25th National Conference of the confederation.  About 200 women delegates from various states attended the convention.And 'New women's Sub Committee with following office bearers is elected unanimously.
Chairperson                -           Com.  Usha Boneppalli (ITEF) Hyderabad
Vice Chairpersons     -           1)      Com. Manisha Mazumder (printing and stationery, COC West bengal) Kolkata         
                                                   2)      Com. K.N. Jayasree Raj, (Audit and Acc/s Assn. AG’s Office, Bangalore)
Convenor                     -           Com. R. Seethalakshmi (NFPE) Delhi
Joint Convenors         -           1)      Com. Gita Bhattacharjee (NFPE) Delhi
                                                   2)      Com. Sarita Divakaran (NFAEE Atomic Energy, Mumbai)

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