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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

NFPE delegation met SSPOs and submitted a Memorandum

Dear comrades,
On behalf of NFPE, Secunderabad division a delegation consisting of Com.T.Suresh Kumar, D/S,P-III, Com.Ch.Sreedhara Swamy, B/S SDHO P-III, Com.Ashwaq Hussain, D/S, P-IV, Com.B.Narsimha, B/S, SDHO, P-IV, Com.Narsuddin, B/S, TMY HO, P-IV, Com.K.N.Chary, D/S, AIPEU GDS NFPE, Com.T.Shakunthala, Convenor, Women Committee, A.P.Circle and Com.A.Shravan Kumar, Asst. Divisional Secretary, P-III had met the SSPOs and conveyed greeting on her joining as SSPOs, secunderabad division. we had a formal discussion with the SSPOs in a pleasant manner and submitted a detailed memorandum and requested for immediate settlement.copy of memorandum is submitted below for the information of the members.
The Sr.Supdt. of Post Offices
Secunderabad Division


Sub: - Submission of memorandum on the problems faced by the staff in the division-Reg

            On behalf of NFPE affiliated unions i.e AIPEU Group-C, AIPEU Postman and MTS, we would like to submit a white paper on the problems facing by the staff in the division. It is bringing to your kind notice that the regular SSPOs is not posted to this division since past 6 months. Finally Circle Office had posted new SSPOs to this division and you had taken the charge of SSPOs, Secunderabad Division on 02/04/2014. On behalf of NFPE unions we convey our sincere greetings to you. Due to absence of regular SSPOs the following problems faced by the staff are pending. We earnestly appeal to the madam to look in to the problems personally and arrange to settle them immediately.

1.     Non holding of monthly meetings with the unions since November 2013. Due to non availability of negotiating channel between the staff and administration, the problems faced by the staff are not addressed since last 6 months. We appeal for immediate holding of monthly meetings with the Unions.
2.    According to the Directorate’s letter No.10-3/87-SR dated 08/03/1988 and DG (P&T) Lr.No.3-6/82-SR dated 10/13.09.1981 “The letters received from the recognized Unions/Associations at various levels should be acknowledged promptly and the matter in question decided as expeditiously as possible. If the decision in the matter is likely to get delayed for some time an interim reply should invariably be sent to the concerned Union/Association. It should also be ensures that in case the officer or the dealing hand concerned with the matter is on leave some alternative arrangements should be made to attend to the letters received from the Union/Associations urgently”. But the same is not followed by the Divisional administration in letter and spirit. The divisional union has submitted letters on the various subjects in the recent past. But the divisional administration is not even acknowledging the union correspondence. Hence we request you to follow the directorate guide lines as mentioned above, and prompt response may please be furnished at least in future.
3.    According to Para 6 of DOPT OM No. 35034/3/2008-Estt. (D) dated 19/05/2009 screening committee has to follow prescribed time schedule to grant financial up gradation under MACP to the eligible officials in the division. But the same is not following since last two half years i.e. since 01/07/2013. Hence we request to follow the prescribed procedure as mentioned in the above letter in granting the financial up gradation under MACP to the eligible officials.
4.    Non filling up of vacant PRI(P) posts in the division for years together. There are 6 PRI(P) posts in the division. But one PRI(P) post is utilizing as Incharge, Bowenpally and the work of that PRI(P) was distributed among the remaining 5 PRI(P)s. But since last one year all these PRI(P) posts are not filled except one PRI(P). Only One PRI(P) is available in the division and remaining four PRI(P)s are vacant. This union had taken up the issue in the earlier monthly meetings and requested to fill up by calling the voluntaries from the feeder cadre on temporary basis with the approval from the Circle Office to arrest the dislocation of work. The divisional administration had called for the willingness of the officials and no action is taken till date. We request you to cause necessary action to fill up all the vacant PRI(P) post in the division on priority basis to curb dislocation of work.
5.    Preparation of revised MDW in all operational offices including Divisional Office. This item is taken up in the various earlier monthly meetings but the administration is giving a eye wash reply and closing the item. No concrete action is being taken to revising the MDW. Most of the new schemes are introducing in the recent past but these items of work are not incorporated in the MDW. In regard to Divisional office MDW, it was prepared more than 8 years ago and latest items of work are not incorporated in the MDW.  Hence it is requested to cause necessary action to prepare MDW afresh by incorporating all latest items of work.
6.    Provision of Postman staff and sorting postman at Miyapur SO. The delivery area of Miyapur SO is rapidly developing and the receipt of mail also in huge volume. Hence it is requested to provide postman staff and sorting postman at Miyapur SO on priority basis.
7.    Filling up of all vacant posts of Postman and MTS in the division. This division is running with a shortage of nearly 100 postman and 80 MTS Posts. Due to shortage of staff the efficiency level of service is come down. Hence it is requested to cause necessary action to fill up all vacant posts of postman and MTS in the division to cater quality of service to the public and also to minimize public complaints.
8.    Non working of servers due to heavy volume of data. Hence it is requested to cause necessary action to replace the existing servers with high configuration servers to avoid dislocation of work.
9.    Provision of armed guards at Secunderabad HO while conveyance of cash to sub offices and remittances/withdrawal of cash from RBI. Directorate guide lines issued vide Lr.No.24-4/2003-PO dated 10/10/2007 and Lr.No.32-1/are very clear in this regard. The same are reiterated vide Directorate Lr.No.18-1/2012-PO dated 20/03/2014. Hence it is requested to cause necessary instructions in this regard.
10.  Non filling up of accountant posts in the division. At present only one accountant is available in the division. Hence it is requested to cause necessary action to fill up all vacant accountant posts on officiating arrangement till regular arrangement is made.
11.  Uninterrupted power supply to the systems and offices may please be ensured to avoid dislocation of work in summer season. It is requested to take necessary measures for uninterrupted power supply in the summer season by well maintaining the generators and UPS.
12.  Non supply of new systems in place of condemned one. More than 100 systems are condemned during the period. But it is bring to your kind notice that single system is not being supplied. Most of the systems are out dated or with lower configuration hence it is requested to cause necessary action to supply the new systems in place of condemned one in the entire division.
13.  Heavy pressure is mounting on the officials by the Divisional Office in opening of RD/SB Accounts, procuring of PLI RPLI and other BD products without providing proper infrastructure and stationery at the work place. It is requested to take measures to made available the proper stationery and infrastructure at the work place.
14.  Non filling up of vacant GDS posts at JNTU SO, Nizampet SO and all other SO. Due to successful come out of GDS officials in the LGO examinations held in the recent past, most of the GDS vacancies are fallen vacant. Hence it is requested to cause necessary action to fill up all vacant GDS posts in the Division on priority basis for smooth functioning of the offices as well as to render quality of service to the public.
15.  Supply of coolers (on rent basis)and fans to all the offices in the division. Summer season has arrived and to beat the heat provision of coolers and fans may please be accorded to all the offices. It is requested to cause necessary instructions to supply of coolers and fans to all the post offices in the division.
16.  Proper and uniform procedure is not following while Posting of officials from Muffosil area to City area. Hence it is requested to cause necessary action to follow uniform and transparent procedure in the said postings.
17.  Implementation of prescribed tenures in sensitive posts of Divisional Office to avoid development of vested interests.
18.  Provision of regular staff and supervisor posts to digitization of 21 types of manual records at Trimulgherry HO.

An early action in the matter and a line in reply is highly solicited.
With profound regards.

Yours faithfully

T.Suresh Kumar                                Ashwaq Hussain                                Ch.Sreedhara Swamy
Divl. Secretary, P-III         Divl.Secretary, P-IV/MTS         Br.Secretary, P-IIISDHO

B.Narsimha                                      K.Narsuddin                                       S.V.Hemavani
Br.Secretary, P-IV, SDHO      Br.Secretary, P-IV, TMY HO     Convenor, Mahila Committee

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