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Monday, December 30, 2013

Letter addressed to SSPOs regarding Problems faced by the staff at Trimulgherry HO

The Sr.Supdt.of Post Offices
Secunderabad Division


Sub: -  Shortage of staff and problems faced by the staff at Trimulgherry HO-Request for immediate intervention-Reg

            It is brought to the notice of this union that the staff working at Trimulgherry HO are facing problems due to shortage of staff which leads to work under acute pressure and the incomplete/pendency work is likely to lead to undetected frauds if any committed by S.O’s, while performing the duties ordered by the competent authority.  The following problems are brought to your kind notice for immediate intervention and needful efforts to resolve the issues.

1.      Consequent up on temporary attachment of two PA posts from Secunderabad HO to Trimulgherry HO the work of SB branch has been redistributed and arranged one Sr.PA and one LCVI posts in addition to the existing staff. But physically the work has been entrusted to existing staff on OTA basis for months together. The very purpose of the temporary attachment of two PA posts from Secunderabad HO to Trimulgherry HO has been defeated.  Hence this union requests you to arrange to issue suitable instructions to the Postmaster, Trimulgherry HO to post sufficient staff in SB branch as it involves monitory transactions and there must be a responsibility. Frequent disturbance of S.B branch staff leads to dislocation of the work. The postmaster may post the regular staff in SB branch and he may examine feasibility of the utilization of out sourcing staff in other branches.
2.      It is bring to the notice of this union that the system generated consolidation of RD has several discrepancies. The matter was brought to the notice of DPS (Hqrs) during the meeting held on 04/09/2013 at CO. The solution given by the CO is to generate from “Daily consolidation entries”. But it is bring to your kind notice that under this module for each office total deposit figure and total withdrawal figures to be fed. Under this module data fed in daily consolidated entries differs with that of system generated..
3.      It is bring to the notice of this union that 90% of master data is not available at Trimulgherry HO in respect of decentralized schemes [S.B-3 CARD remains at S.O]. This union requests to take appropriate measures to restore master data at Trimulgherry HO immediately.

4.      It is bring to the notice of this union that R.D and MIS feeding was carried out by outsourcing duly providing separate server under the supervision of S.B.C.O. But without any verification of the genuineness of  the data,it was migrated to S.B server which resulting in various types of discrepancies. MOST of the closed accounts at S.O remain LIVE at H.O and closed accounts at H.O remain LIVE at S.O. This has to be rectified immediately as there is every possibility of another financial misappropriation /fraud
5.      While generating MIS Consolidation on “Daily transaction entries” following discrepancies were noticed
(a)  Out of 34 SOs only 29 SOs transactions reflected
(b)  Total Deposits and Total withdrawal figures reflected incorrectly
(c)   It is giving a remark as “cannot alter previous date consolidation entries”
In this connection, it is requested to depute SOFTWARE EXPERT to locate irrelevant discrepancies arising in R.D. The staff position to be considered at par with sec’bad H.O.
6.      It is bring to the notice of this union that RD, MIS and SCSS data feeding work was carried out by outsourcing staff, but the genuineness of the data not verified by S.B.C.O.  The following irregularities were  noticed in S.C.S.S data:

(a)  ANANDBAGH AND MANOVIKAS NAGAR SCSS DATA feeding was carried out by outsourcing staff. SOFTWARE EXPERT may be deputed to locate the errors, apart from the irregularity mentioned below as SCSS accounts comprises huge amounts in lakhs in order to avoid innocent staff being penalized at later stages.
(b)  Several SCSS closed accounts were fed by the out sourcing staff and the status of those accounts in the system is “Live”
(c)   Extended SCSS accounts were not been fed as extended in the system and data not fed.
(d)  The correctness of the data fed by the outsourcing staff is not checked at any stage and the data fed by them is dumped in to SBSOs as it is, It is highly irregular.
7.      It is not understood that how the payment is being made to outsourcing staff without checking the correctness of their work and without work completion certificate from the competent authority.
8.      The officials working in the SB branch are working under duress with heavy work load and heavy financial responsibility. The administration has to consider the extenuating circumstances in which the officials are working, while identifying the subsidiary offenders and fixing up contributory negligence as stipulated in Rule 107 of Postal Manual Vol-III and asses the responsibility in a realistic manner.
9.      It is also bring to the notice of this union that while calculating the contributory negligence and identifying the subsidiary offenders the administration is ignoring the facts explained above and making the innocent officials as scapegoats without considering their submission and without giving reasonable opportunity to them.

Keeping in view of the circumstances explained above, this union earnestly requests you to
take appropriate measures to set right the things and allow the innocent officials to work in a stress free and transparent environment to serve the department and deliver the quality of work.

Yours faithfully

(T.Suresh Kumar)

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