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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Memorandum submitted to DPS (M&SP) in connection with MNOP (cross bags) by Hyderabad city region NFPE unions (P-3&P-4)

All India Postal Employees Union Group-C
All India Postal Employees Union Postmen&Group-D/MTS
Hyderabad City Region, Hyderabad-500020

Date: 30/07/2013
The Director Of Postal Services (M&SP)
o/o The Chief Postmaster General
A.P.Circle, Hyderabad-500001

            Sub: -  Introduction of cross bags system-difficulties faced by the staff side-Reg
            Ref: -   CO Lr.No.Mails/5/Missents/2012 dated 25/06/2013


            With reference to the CO letter cited above, cross bags system has been introduced by the CO to cut the delay in delivery of missent articles and to improve delivery efficiency to cater the best services to the public. But it has brought to the notice of this union that the following difficulties have been faced by the staff side while implementing the above system. However this union extends whole hearted support to the administration while improving delivery efficiency and to cater better services to the public. But at the same time we take liberty to bring the irregularities/difficulties to your kind notice for address the staff problems and taking necessary action at your end.  

1.      While implementing the system, the delivery status of the article on the indiapost website would be incorrect as the article will be delivered at the office other than office of delivery. This would create some confusion among the public and it gives an impression of wrong delivery of the article and public may be confused of their delivery area correctly. While fixing up the responsibility the concerned staff, who uploaded the information will come in to picture for which he is no way responsible.
2.      While delivering the important articles like passport/cheque books/RC/Pan card/Driving licence, if any wrong delivery takes place it will be very difficult to answer the public and settle the issue.
3.      Delivery slip will be filed in one office and the delivery data will be uploaded by some other office. Due to this practice it will be very difficult to dealing the complaint.
4.      All the articles invoiced in the extra beat may not be delivered on the same day. Therefore remaining articles have to be invoiced in the beats next day along with the articles of that day which results in discrepancy in the list.
5.      While delivery in the overlapping areas there may be also missent in the cross bags, which results unnecessary further delay.
6.      Uploading of DET will be delayed till the postman returns of the extra beat is intimated by the delivery office.
7.      Finally the system of uploading of delivery information at one office, which is delivered at another office is quite irregular and contravention of statutory rules on the subject.

Therefore keeping in view of the difficulties/irregularities mentioned above, suitable instructions may please be issued for addressing the above issues.

Yours faithfully

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