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Wednesday, November 21, 2012


          In connection with  One-day token strike (12-12-12) the All India Leaders attended  Strike Campaign   program  in twin- cities by forming group wise to  HOs ,GPO and CIRCLE OFFICE etc.,on 21-11-2012.
1.Com.R.Sivannarayana,Gen.Secretary AIPEU group-C,New-Delhi                               2.Com.S.K.Humayun,CHQ President AIPEU ,PM & MTS New-Delhi                                                                             GROUP-11                                          
1.Com.N.Gopala krishna,Vice-President AIPEU group-C,New-Delhi                                2.Com.S.Appam Raj,,Gen.Secretary SBCO,New-Delhi
And the program was co ordinates by  
1.Com.K.Ramachandram , Convener postal AP  Co-ordination committee and C/S Admn.union.
2.Com.R.Narasimhulu ,Circle Secretary R-1V
3.Com.T.Suresh Kumar ,Convener City postal  Co-ordination committee             
4.Com.B.Narasimha ,Vice-Chairmen City postal   Co-ordination committee 
5.Com.S.S.R.A.Prasad ,Asst.Circle Secretary AIPEU-Gr.C, A.P.Circle

And also the Gate meetings held in the fallowing offices
1. SECUNDERABAD HO at 10.30 am, Organized by
Com.Ch.Sreedhara swamy ,Branch Secretary AIPEU group-C,SDHO Br.Union
Com.B.Narasimha ,Branch Secretary AIPEU postmen & group-D SDHO Br.Union
under the chairman ship of Com.G.Vishwanadam P-111 and Com.D.Maheshwer P-1V

2.C.P.M.G.OFFICE  at 1pm, Organized by
Com.K.Ramachandram ,Circle Secretary ,Admn.union ,Com.D.Narasimha Murthy  Circle Secretary ,DAP.union , Com.Subbu ,Asst.Circle Secretary

3.JUBLEE HO at 1.30pm , Organized by
 Com.SSRA.Prasad ,Dvl.Secretary S/E

4.KHIRATABAD HO at 5.30 pm  Organized by
Com.Kameshwer rao,Dvl.President AIPEU-C, city dvn.
Com.Vasu and Com.Haq

5.HYDERABAD-STG OFFICE and GPO Division at 6pm  Organized by
 Com.Venkat reddy ,Branch Secretary
 Com.Manoher P-111 and Com.Naidu R-1V

6. B-1 P&T Union Office at 7pm under the banner of A.P.C.G.employees Co-ordination committee
 Com.V.Nageshwar Rao addressed the meeting as chief guest and Com.Mohan Gen.Secretary ,contingent union,CHQ also attended,finally vote thank conveyed by Com.K.N.Chary ,Dvl.Sec GDS(NFPE).

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