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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Be Aware of duping members-Be unite and support NFPE

Dear comrades,
It is came to the notice of divisional union that some of the other union members making rounds around the members of NFPE to capture their revised membership in to their union. NFPE is the one and only largest union which struggle for the advancement of the postal employees along with the sister unions like P-IV and RMS unions. Do not trap in to the mesmerizing words of the other union.  The other union has now came to the number around 30 only. If we stand unite and support NFPE strongly the other union membership will have to fall up to zero. It is our motto. I appeal once again to all the members of AIPEU Group-C " Be with NFPE only and support NFPE for the better working conditions at the work place". 

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