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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


On the occasion of centenary celebrations of international women's day,meetings have been organised in the following offices-
  • At musheerabad DSO under the chairmanship of comrade B.Murali Krishna Murthy,SPM;Smt N.Padmaja DPM II and T.Suresh Kumar,Divl Secretory addressed the gathering.
  • At divisional office it was organised by comrade J.Srinivas ,OA.Sri A.Satyanarayana,Senior superintendent of post offices greeted the women employees on this occasion.
  • At Secunderabad HPO,a well organised meeting was held under the banner of womens forum of Secunderabad HPO  under the leadership of comrade CH.Sridara Swami,Branch secretory A.I.P.E.U Gr.C. 

Today is 100th anniversary of international women's day.

"The origin of a child is mother,a woman.She shows a man what loving,caring and sharing is.."

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