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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

What is aykroyd formula?

7th pay commission used this formula to recommend the pay hike for central government  govt. employees in India. what is this all about
The Minimum Wages Act, 1948 has not laid down the criteria for fixing the minimum wages in India, though it specifies the procedure for doing so.

Instead, the norms recommended by the Indian Labour Conference, held in 1957, are taken into account while fixing the minimum wages. These are as follows:

    3 consumption units for one earner: In calculating the minimum wage, the standard working class family should be taken to comprise three consumption units for one earner, the earnings of women, children and adolescents in the family being disregarded.
    Minimum food requirements of 2700 calories per average Indian adult: Minimum food requirements should be calculated on the basis of a net intake of 2700 calories for an average Indian adult of moderate activity, as recommended in 1948 by Dr. Wallace Akroyd , first director of the Department of Nutrition at Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO)
    Clothing requirements of 72 yards per annum per family: Clothing requirements should be estimated on the basis of a per capita consumption of 18 yards (16.5 meters) per annum, which would give for the average worker’s family of four a total of 72 yards (65.8 meter).
    Rent corresponding to the minimum area provided for under Government’s Industrial Housing Scheme:  In respect of housing, the norm should be the minimum rent charged by Government in any area for houses provided under the Subsidised Industrial Housing Scheme for low – income groups.
    Fuel, Lighting and other miscellaneous items of expenditure to constitute 20% of the total minimum wage.
Dr Aykroyd worked on nutrition for nearly 30 years and was director of the Nutrition Division, Food and Agriculture Organisation, United Nations.  In 1935, he was appointed director of the government's nutritional research centre in India, situated in Coonoor in Kerala.


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