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Saturday, February 21, 2015

DHARNA ON 20-2-15 .

Dharna camp inaugrated by comrad Ramchanderam,convener,state postal cordination committee and all India president,AIPEU admin unit and spoken on the issues which are concerned with the postal employees on 40 charted of demands and also D.A.S.V.Prasad,circle secretary,AIPEU Grp-c and Venugoapl Reddy,regional representative,CLS 3 union,FNPO  spoken on this occasion.
                           Comrad T,Sureshkumar and CH.Sridarswami indetail explained on the demands in lenthy on which the dharna is taken place.Comrad Ashwakhussain ,Comrad Hanumanthu,Comrade Srinivas ,Comrade B.Narasimha and Advaitkumar spoken on this occasion.

                            Comrade M.Krishna,president,AIPEU ,GR.C,precided over this dharna camp.

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