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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Clarification regarding reimbursement of Ambulance charges to CGHS Beneficiaries-Latest guide lines issued by Health Ministry

Dear Comrades,
Ministry of Health and fAmily Welfare,Department of Health and FAmily Welfare issued a detailed clarification regarding reimbursement of Ambulance charges to CGHS vide Memo No.S.4924/2010/CGHS(R&H)/CGHS(P) dated 17/01/2011.
It is clarified that expenditure incurred on engagement of Ambulance by CGHS beneficiaries, comprising both serving Govt.Employees and pensioners,is reimbursable provided that.
1.The doctor treating the patient certifies in writing that conveyance of patient by any other mode would definitely endanger the patient's life or would grossly aggravate his/her condition and
2.That the journey is undertaken within the same city
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