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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Flash New from Central Head Quarters and Latest orders

Dear Comrades,
1.It is Learnt that Revised recruitment rules for HSG-I is being approved by DOPT.This will go to UPSC for formal approval.Our demand that entire 100% posts of HSG-I should be offered as promotion to HSG-II officials has been considered.
2.Revised recruitment rules for MTS (Group-D) has been approved and will be released with in a fortnight.All the MTS posts will be filled up with GDS without any qualification shortly.
3.The revised recruitment rules for PAs is also in progress. The provision of confirmetion examination is being deleted in the revised recruitment rules. It may be approved before the end of the year.
4.An internal committee has been formed to finalise the revised syllabus for LGO examination. The questions will be in objective type. The process is expected to be finalised before the end of this year.
5.The membership verification results will be released shortly.All the affiliated unions are getting recognition with flying colours.
6.A Proposal for doubling the split duty allowance was already forwarded to MOF.Orders are ecpected shortly.
7.Medical Insurance to GDS may be released shortly.
8.The finance ministry has approved the proposal of stepping of pay of senior PAs only with the direct recruits. The department will release the orders in next week providing stepping up of minimum pay of the direct recruits for those getting lesser pay as on 01/01/2006. The department has again pursued with MOF to extend the same to promotees also.
9.No recovery for the past cases of stepping up of pay.The department has caused instructions that the cases settled up to 17/05/2010 cannot be reopened. The full text of the orders furnished hereunder

The deparment issued orders on 06/09/2010 clarifying that the erstwhile Group-Ds now MTS in GP 1800 as on 01/01/2006 may be allowed GP of 1900 and 2000 on TBOP and BCR respectively during the period from 01/01/2006 to 31/08/2008.

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